Adorable story of a Man and his foster kids Despicable Me 23 Despicable Me coloring pages

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  • Who is described as the supervillain in the story of ‘Despicable Me’?

Gru is initially described as the supervillain in the story “Despicable Me’.

  • What does Gru planning for the most devilish activity?

Gru is planning to shrink and steal the moon, which is based on his childhood dream of being an astronaut!

  • Who has stole the shrink ray from Gru?

The up-and-coming supervillain Vector has stolen the shrink ray machine from Gru.

  • What did Gru do to get back his shrink ray machine?

Gru adopts three orphan kids named Margo, Edith, and Agnes, who are able to easily walk into the base of Vector because they are selling cookies.

  • Who helps Gru in his evil missions?

Dr. Nefario helps Gru in his all evil missions.

  • What kind of employees Gru has to do his residential and official stuff?

Gru has thousands of minions who help Gru in his residential and official stuff.

  • Who is the smallest adopted daughter of Gru?

Agnes is the smallest adopted daughter of Gru.

  • Who gives loans for such devilish mission?

According to the story ‘Bank of Evil’ and its president, Mr. Perkins provide loans for such devilish missions.

Enchanted Love story of a Simple girl Cinderella 17 Cinderella coloring pages

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  • Who is Cinderella and what is so special about her?

Cinderella was a beautiful simple girl who was a franchise of Walt Disney as a popular princess.

Cinderella was an extremely kind and humble girl, who will become a princess of prince charming with the use of some fairy help. The most applauding part of this character is it has thought us that you don’t have to be a princess, to be the lady love of a prince!

  • Who help her to attain the royal ball at the castle?

Fairy godmother has helped Cinderella to go to the ball at the castle

  • Where did Cinderella lived and with whom?

In her early life, Cinderella was lived in a chateau with her stepmom Lay Tremaine, and her two stepsisters Drizella and Anastasia.

  • Why was she running out from the ball?

As Cinderella was warned by the fairy godmother that all her magical embellishments will be undone at the stroke of midnight, she was running out from the ball before the rings of 12 o’clock were finished!

  • How did the prince manage to find Cinderella among all the girls of the region?

Cinderella has left a glass slipper in the stair of the castle while running out from the ball and with the help of this glass slipper the prince charming has found Cinderella.

Lightning McQueen learns life 17 Cars coloring pages

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  • Who is the star car in the movie Cars?

Racecar Lighting McQueen is the star car of the movie Cars.

  • What kind of a car Lighting was?

Lighting McQueen was a highly skilled but a bit arrogant racecar.

  • What is the name the transport truck of McQueen?

McQueen’s transport name is Mack.

  • Where and how McQueen lost his way?

While travelling down interstate 40 to California, McQueen becomes separated from Mack and lost on U.S. route 66.

  • Who has caught Lighting and for what crime?

Lighting McQueen was caught by the Radiator Spring Sheriff for damaging the main street of the city while gets tangled in wires!

  • What punishment Lighting will get for his crime?

When Lighting was taken to the traffic court of the city, he is sentenced to repave the road using asphalt lying machine.

  • Who has become the best friend of Lighting McQueen?

Town’s tow truck, Mater has become the best friend of McQueen at the end of his paving.

  • Whom will McQueen defeat in the final race?

Lighting McQueen will defeat The King and Chick Hicks in the final race.

  • Who will serve McQueen as pit crew in the final race?

Doc Hudson will serve Lighting McQueen as pit crew in the final race.


Amusing Disney Character Bugs Bunny 22 Bugs Bunny coloring Pages

More Details on Bugs Bunny

  • Who is Bugs Bunny?

Bugs Bunny is a renowned animated cartoon character for his starring role in ‘The Looney Tunes Show’.

  • What is so special about Bugs Bunny?

Bugs Bunny is an anthropomorphic rabbit, who has a flippant and insouciant personality. His trickster image has made him characteristically individual from the other typical rabbit.

  • Which was the first movie, where Bugs appeared for the first time?

‘A Wild Hare’ named animated film that was made in the year 1940, was the film where we show this hilarious rabbit for the very first time.

  • Who is the love interest of Bugs Bunny?

Lola, a pretty and clever bunny is the love interest of the famous Bugs Bunny.

  • What is the legendary tagline of this bunny?

This annoyingly cool and contemplative rabbit has a catch phrase that is “Eh….What’s u, doc?” which is the legendary tagline of this funny character.

  • What is the most favorite food of this rabbit?

As the other typical rabbits, Bugs bunny also has a fetish for fresh and ripe carrots.

  • Who is the eternal enemy of this bunny?

According to the tale, the hunter man is the eternal enemy of this bunny, who always got defeated and irritated by the clever rabbit.


Story of a courageous girl Brave 22 Brave coloring pages

More Details on Brave

  • Who are the central characters of the animated movie Brave?

Princess Merida of the land Scottish Highland in Medieval Scotland and her Mother, Queen Elinor are the two central characters of the movie ‘Brave’.

  • What special quality Merida has, according to the tale?

According to the tale, Merida, the princess of Scottish Highland has the very sharp aim, thus, she was known as the best archer of the land!

  • Name the father of Merida and what kind of a king he was?

King Fergus is the father of Merida, who is a strong warrior of the land.

  • Name the horse of Merida?

Angus is the name of the beloved horse of Merida.

  • What Merida loves the most in her life?

Merida loves to spend her day with Angus than study royal tradition or attending royal events!

  • How many siblings Merida has in this story?

Merida has triplet brothers who gradually named Harris, Hubert, and Hamish.

  • How does Merida’s mother turn into a bear?

Merida brought an enchanted cake from a witch to change her fate. But unfortunately, while she gives that cake to her mother, Queen Elinor, she transforms into a black and giant bear!