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  • Who is Batman?

Batman is the secret identity of a billionaire named Bruce Wayne, who portrayed himself as a superhero with his several activities, according to the fictional superhero comics ‘Batman’.

  • Where did Batman live?

Batman lives in the city named Gotham.

  • What have led Bruce as a superhero?

Witnessing the murder of his parents as a child leads him to train himself to physical and intellectual perfection in order to fight crime.

  • What special power batman has to fight the criminals?

Surprisingly, batman is probably the one and only person who has no special or extraordinary power to fight the criminals! All he has got is some specially designed weapons and gadgets, which he has made with the help of his sidekick Robin.

  • Why batman applies the darkish bat logo to threaten the criminals?

According to Bruce, criminals are superstitious, and cowardly a lot, thus, a horrible disguise must be able to strike terror into the hearts of criminals! Thus, he has thought of some dark or night or black theme, while, a bat suddenly flies through his window, which inspiring Bruce to assume the persona of Batman!

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