Amusing life of Goofy & his friends 17 Goofy coloring pages

More Details on Goofy

  • Who is Goofy and what kind of personality he has?

Goofy is an animated character of Walt Disney, who is basically a tall and anthropomorphic dog, and do hilarious things in his daily life.

Goofy is considered as one of the amusing characters of Disney, who has a funny personality along with clumsiness and incompetence ability. The most applauding part of this dog is that despite the fact of his lack of intelligence, Goofy consistently tries to apply his peculiar intelligence in his life ventures!

  • Who are the best friends of Goofy?

Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck ho are other renowned animated characters of Walt Disney, are the best friends of this amusing dog Goofy.

  • How is Goofy as a father?

Well, Goofy is definitely a good father indeed, who always seems in a serious tone when his son Max is on the scene, and who wants to teach his son life lessons properly. Though, Max often feels embarrassed by his father’s stupidity and finds him the highly animated person of his life!

  • How do you define Goofy as a player?

He may not fit best as an intellectual person, but Goofy is undoubtedly regarded as a superb sports player who has adequate ability to follow tactics.




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