Feel the eminence of a Curse broken love story of beautiful Bella and a beast in Beauty and the Beast 17 Beauty and the Beast coloring pages

More Details on Beauty and the Beast

  • Who is the beauty and who is the beast in the story?

Bella, a beautiful yet simple girl from the French Village is the beauty, and the cursed prince from the castle if the beast of the story ‘Beauty & the Beast’.

  • Who forcefully wants to marry Bella in the story?

The handsome hunk of the town, Gaston forcefully wants to marry Bella.

  • What is the profession of Bella’s father, as per the tale?

As per the tale, Bella’s father, Maurice is an amateur inventor, who has often made several unsuccessful inventions!

  • Who cursed the Prince to be an ugly beast and why?

In a Christmas night, an enchantress disguised as an ugly old beggar woman offers a rose to the young selfish Prince in exchange for a night shelter from the extreme cold. When the rude Prince turns her away along with her pure gift because of her ugly appearance, the beggar turns into a pretty enchantress, who punishes the Prince by transforming him into an ugly beast.

  • What was the latest invention of Maurice and where he was taking it?

The self-made wood-chopping machine was the latest invention of Maurice, which he was taking at the fair.

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