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More Details on Angry Birds

  • Who is the main character in the Movie Angry Birds?

Red, a grumpy clown bird is the chief character of the movie ‘Angry Birds’.

  • What was the trouble Red facing at the beginning of the story?

Red was totally furious and can’t get past the daily annoyances of life!

  • What does he go to solve this trouble?

Red was sentenced to the anger management class; where he started to solve this trouble gradually.

  • Who are the friends of Red from the anger management class?

According to the tale, two classmates named Chuck and Bomb are the trustworthy friends of Red.

  • Who is the protector of the Island where Red used to live?

Mighty Eagle, a giant eagle said to be the protector of the island where Red and his friends used to live.

  • Why was Red looking for the Mighty Eagle?

Eventually, the pigs have started to adjust to the society of angry birds, over whom Red becomes suspicious about their motives. Thus, he was looking for the Mighty Eagle, who is the only one bird from that island who can actually fly!

  • Who is the chief of the enemy pig team?

The leader pig, named Leonard is the chief of the enemy pig team.

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