Value of parental love 18 Bambi coloring pages

More Details on Bambi

  • Who is Bambi?

Bambi is a young little white-tailed fawn, who is to be the next great Prince of the forest he used to live.

  • Who was the father of Bambi?

Bambi’s father was the Great Prince of the Forest where Bambi and his family used to live.

  • Who are the friends of this fawn Bambi?

A pink-nosed rabbit named Thumper, a skunk named Flower and another lady fawn named Faline are the friends of Bambi.

  • Who will be the future mate of Bambi?

According to the tale, Bambi’s childhood friend Faline will be his future mate in his life.

  • What kind of a fawn Bambi is?

Bambi is a curious and inquisitive fawn, who often asks numerous questions about the world around him.

  • When & how Bambi lost his mother?

During the first winter of the little fawn Bambi, his mother is shot and killed by a deer hunter, while she was trying to help her son find food.

  • Bambi defeats who to earn the right to Faline’s in his stage of adultery?

Bambi defeats Ronnie, an older stag, in a battle to earn rights to Faline’s affection, who was attempted to force Faline away from Bambi.

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