Story of laborious Bees 18 Bee Movie coloring pages for kids

More Details on Bee Movie

  • Name the central character of the movie Bee?

Barry Bee is the central character of the animated movie Bee.

  • What does he decide after his graduation?

Barry, after his graduation, decides to sue humans, as because, he learns about the exploitation of bees at the hands of mankind.

  • Who is the best friend of Berry?

Adam Flyman, who is another honeybee, is the best friend of Berry.

  • Who save the life of Barry and from whom?

A human named Vanessa safely catches and release Barry outside the window from the hand her boyfriend Ken, who was about to swat Barry in the balcony of them.

  • What was the sacred rule of the bees and how Barry breaks that rule?

The sacred rule of the bees was, not to talk with the humans, who have been stealing honey from bees, since century!

After saving by Vanessa, Barry returns to her and express his gratitude to the lady, and thus he breaks the sacred rule of bees.

  • What was Vanessa’s firm all about?

Vanessa’s firm was about to handling disputes between animals and humans which have a title of ‘Insects and Law’.

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