Underwater mermaid school Bubble Guppies 20 Bubble Guppies coloring pages

More on Bubble Guppies

  • What is Bubble Guppies all about?

It is an animated series of preschool classes of all underwater guppies.

  • Where is the preschool situated?

The preschool of guppies is situated in the fictional underwater city named Bubbletucky.

  • Who starts the class in every single episode?

Molly, the little fish every day starts the class by stating “Hi, it’s Molly, and it’s time for Bubble Guppies”, where Gill interferes daily during the statement!

  • Who is the teacher of those Guppies?

Mr. Groper, a big round fish, is the teacher of those little cute Guppies.

  • What did Mr. Grouper instruct his student when they need to be taken outside to the classroom?

Mr. Grouper says to his students, “line up everybody, it time to go outside”, and they followed by an outside song of their class.

  • Who has a puppy pet among all the guppies and what is his name?

Gill has a puppy pet, and his name is Bubble Puppy.

  • Who is the intelligent guppy among the entire bubble guppies?

Nonny is the most intelligent Guppy boy among the entire bubble guppies.

  • How many extra characters are out there in the water, who are not students of that class?

There are three types of extra characters existed outside the class who are crabs, snails, and lobsters.


Science fiction story of Doraemon 18 Doraemon coloring pages

More Details on Doraemon

  • Who owns Doraemon in present time?

Doraemon is owned by a young boy named Sewashi Nobi in the present time.

  • Doraemon sent back to whom and why?

Doraemon sent back to Nobi’s great grandfather Nobita by Sewashi Nobi to improve the circumstance of Nobita.

  • What is the name of Doraemon’s girlfriend?

Doraemon’s girlfriend name is Noramyako, who will break up with Doraemon later!

  • What Doraemon originally is and what is his product code?

Doraemon originally is an anthropomorphic robot and his product code is MS-903.

  • What is the exact date when Doraemon was created?

Doraemon was created on 3rd September in the year 2112 in Mutsushiba Robot Factory.

  • Doraemon uses which power to go his or Nobita’s aspiring place?

Doraemon uses the ‘anywhere door’ to go some aspiring place, which opens up to any place the user wishes.

  • Who is the closest friend of Nobita?

Nobita’s closest friend is Shizuka Minamoto, who is also the love interest of Nobita.

  • Which helps Doraemon to fight against foes?

A small head accessory named ‘Bamboo-copter’ helps Doraemon along with Nobita to fight against their foes.

Entertaining Disney character Donald Duck 20 Donald Duck coloring pages

More Details on Donald Duck

  • Who is Donald duck?

Donald Duck is an anthropomorphic white duck that franchised by Walt Disney.

  • What makes Donald so popular among all the Disney characters?

Donald Duck, one of the most popular characters of Disney is much esteemed by the entire world, because of his semi-intelligible speech, mischievous and temperamental personality, which make him an individual and hilarious persona from other typical ducks.

  • What is the most applauding quality Donald has?

Donald Duck has an uncontrollable aggressive nature, which driven by his wild anger, and this anger actually helps him to fight back with whatever dispute comes to his way! Consequently, when he faces a threat in his life, instead of being scared, Donald fights against that fear, as his fear replaced by his anger. Hence, instead of running away Donald always faces the trouble and tries to get over it, and this is the most applauding quality of our beloved Donald Duck.

  • Name the best friend of Donald Duck

Donald has two best friends, and they are Mickey Mouse and Goofy.

  • What is the profession of Donald Duck?

Donald Duck has been seen often with a sailor shirt and cap all the time, thus, it is quite obvious that he is a sailor by profession!

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