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More Details on Cinderella

  • Who is Cinderella and what is so special about her?

Cinderella was a beautiful simple girl who was a franchise of Walt Disney as a popular princess.

Cinderella was an extremely kind and humble girl, who will become a princess of prince charming with the use of some fairy help. The most applauding part of this character is it has thought us that you don’t have to be a princess, to be the lady love of a prince!

  • Who help her to attain the royal ball at the castle?

Fairy godmother has helped Cinderella to go to the ball at the castle

  • Where did Cinderella lived and with whom?

In her early life, Cinderella was lived in a chateau with her stepmom Lay Tremaine, and her two stepsisters Drizella and Anastasia.

  • Why was she running out from the ball?

As Cinderella was warned by the fairy godmother that all her magical embellishments will be undone at the stroke of midnight, she was running out from the ball before the rings of 12 o’clock were finished!

  • How did the prince manage to find Cinderella among all the girls of the region?

Cinderella has left a glass slipper in the stair of the castle while running out from the ball and with the help of this glass slipper the prince charming has found Cinderella.

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