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More Details on Doraemon

  • Who owns Doraemon in present time?

Doraemon is owned by a young boy named Sewashi Nobi in the present time.

  • Doraemon sent back to whom and why?

Doraemon sent back to Nobi’s great grandfather Nobita by Sewashi Nobi to improve the circumstance of Nobita.

  • What is the name of Doraemon’s girlfriend?

Doraemon’s girlfriend name is Noramyako, who will break up with Doraemon later!

  • What Doraemon originally is and what is his product code?

Doraemon originally is an anthropomorphic robot and his product code is MS-903.

  • What is the exact date when Doraemon was created?

Doraemon was created on 3rd September in the year 2112 in Mutsushiba Robot Factory.

  • Doraemon uses which power to go his or Nobita’s aspiring place?

Doraemon uses the ‘anywhere door’ to go some aspiring place, which opens up to any place the user wishes.

  • Who is the closest friend of Nobita?

Nobita’s closest friend is Shizuka Minamoto, who is also the love interest of Nobita.

  • Which helps Doraemon to fight against foes?

A small head accessory named ‘Bamboo-copter’ helps Doraemon along with Nobita to fight against their foes.

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