Robotic Fun Awaits: 36 Doraemon Coloring Pages (Printable PDF)

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey with Doraemon Coloring Pages, where innovation, friendship, and the wonders of the future await your creative touch.

Step into the enchanting world of Doraemon, a robotic cat from the 22nd century, and his young friend, Nobita Nobi, as they traverse time, space, and imagination.

Doraemon is addicted to dorayaki

In this coloring escapade, you’re not merely an artist; you’re a time-traveling companion, a problem-solving genius, and a co-creator of whimsical adventures.

With your coloring tools at the ready, you’ll bring to life the magical gadgets, comical mishaps, and heartwarming moments that define Doraemon’s universe.

Picture a world where you can explore Anywhere Door, a gadget that whisks you to far-off places or experience the thrill of the Time Machine.

As you fill the pages with colors, you’ll be stepping into Doraemon’s 4D Pocket, a space that holds treasures beyond your wildest dreams.

Whether you’re giving life to Doraemon’s vibrant blue exterior, recreating the charming smile of Nobita, or adding a playful twist to the gadgets, you’re opening doors to endless possibilities.

Here, you’re the architect of robotic marvels, the time traveler of creativity, and the bearer of smiles. Get ready for an adventure that spans time, space, and the limitless realms of your imagination.

Doraemon on Shopping

Printable Doraemon Coloring Pages

Doraemon Laughing Out Loud

Doraemon with Bamboo Copter

How is Doraemon Good for Kids?

Doraemon, the popular Japanese manga and anime series, offers a range of valuable lessons and educational content for kids. It provides a rich source of entertainment and valuable life lessons that can positively influence children’s development and worldview.

  1. Problem-Solving Skills: Doraemon often helps Nobita and his friends solve various problems and challenges using creative solutions and futuristic gadgets. Kids can learn to think critically and come up with inventive solutions to everyday issues.
  2. Friendship: The central theme of the series is the strong bond of friendship between Doraemon, Nobita, and their friends. Kids can learn about the importance of being loyal, supportive, and caring friends.
  3. Empathy: Doraemon and his friends often help others who are in need. This teaches kids to empathize with others and understand the value of helping those less fortunate.
  4. Responsibility: Nobita is a relatable character who faces the consequences of his actions. Kids can learn about taking responsibility for their choices and actions.
  5. Creativity: Doraemon’s gadgets encourage creativity and imagination. Kids can learn to explore their creativity and come up with imaginative ideas. Doraemon’s fantastical world encourages kids to use their imagination and explore the possibilities of what the future might hold.
  6. Environmental Awareness: Some episodes touch on environmental themes, teaching kids about the importance of protecting the environment and being responsible stewards of the planet.
  7. Cultural Awareness: The series introduces kids to various aspects of Japanese culture, such as festivals, traditions, and daily life.
  8. Ethical Values: Doraemon often imparts ethical values and life lessons, such as honesty, kindness, and respect for others.
  9. Time Management: Time-traveling episodes in Doraemon can teach kids about time management and the consequences of procrastination.
  10. Science and Technology: The series incorporates futuristic technology and scientific concepts in a fun and accessible way, sparking kids’ interest in science and technology.

Doraemon Characters and Coloring

  1. Doraemon: A robotic cat from the future who helps Nobita with his futuristic gadgets. ( Use a bright blue for Doraemon’s body, with a lighter shade for his belly. His eyes should be a deep blue, and don’t forget to color his round bell!)
  2. Nobita Nobi: Doraemon’s best friend, often seen as lazy and clumsy but has a good heart. ( Nobita’s shirt is usually red, and his shorts are blue. His hair can be colored brown.)
  3. Shizuka Minamoto: Nobita’s kind and intelligent classmate, known for her compassion. ( Shizuka’s dress is typically pink, and her hair is black. You can add a soft pink shade for her cheeks.)
  4. Takeshi “Gian” Goda: Nobita’s classmate, known for his strength and occasional bullying tendencies. ( Gian’s t-shirt is often green, and his shorts are yellow. His skin can be colored light brown.)
  5. Suneo Honekawa: Another classmate of Nobita, often flaunting his wealth and teasing others. ( Suneo’s clothing is usually orange, and his hair is brown. His eyes can be colored blue.)
  6. Dorami: Doraemon’s younger sister, equally adept with futuristic gadgets. ( Dorami is typically pink in color. Add a cute yellow bow to her head.)
  7. Nobi Family: Nobita’s parents, Tamako and Nobisuke. ( Tamako often wears a pink apron, and Nobisuke’s attire can be shades of blue.)
  8. Sewashi Nobi: Doraemon’s original owner and Nobita’s great-great-grandson. ( Sewashi’s attire is usually blue. You can color his hair brown.)
  9. Teacher: Nobita’s teacher, is known for his stern but caring nature. (The teacher typically wears a green jacket, and his hair can be gray.)
  10. Jaiko Gouda: Gian’s younger sister, kind-hearted and often protective of Nobita. ( Jaiko’s dress is often purple, and her hair is black.)

Shade Doraemon Coloring Pages to Make It Realistic

  1. Body Shading: To create depth, add a bit of shading to Doraemon’s body. You can do this by using a slightly darker shade of blue along the edges and curves of his body.
  2. Eyes Shading: To give his eyes a more three-dimensional look, add a tiny bit of shading around the top and sides of his eyes using a darker blue shade.
  3. Bell Shading: For his bell, add some shading on the lower part to create a sense of volume. Use a slightly darker yellow or even a light brown shade for this.
  4. Whisker Shading: Add some light shading around his whiskers to make them appear more natural. Use a light gray pencil for this.
  5. Highlight: Finally, add a small white highlight in his eyes to make them look lively and shiny. This can be a tiny dot or a small curved line at the top of each eye.

FAQ on Doraemon & Friends

  • Who owns Doraemon in the present time?

Doraemon is owned by a young boy named Sewashi Nobi in the present time.

  • Doraemon sent back to whom and why?

Doraemon was sent back to Nobi’s great-grandfather Nobita by Sewashi Nobi to improve his circumstances of Nobita.

  • What is the name of Doraemon’s girlfriend?

Doraemon’s girlfriend’s name is Noramyako, she will break up with Doraemon later!

  • What Doraemon originally is and what is his product code?

Doraemon originally is an anthropomorphic robot and his product code is MS-903.

  • What is the exact date when Doraemon was created?

Doraemon was created on 3rd September in the year 2112 in Mutsushiba Robot Factory.

  • Doraemon uses which power to go to his or Nobita’s aspiring place?

Doraemon uses the ‘anywhere door’ to go to some aspiring place, which opens up to any place the user wishes.

  • Who is the best friend of Nobita?

Nobita’s closest friend is Shizuka Minamoto, who is also the love interest of Nobita.

  • Which helps Doraemon to fight against foes?

A small head accessory named ‘Bamboo-copter’ helps Doraemon along with Nobita to fight against their foes.

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