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  • What is Bubble Guppies all about?

It is an animated series of preschool classes of all underwater guppies.

  • Where is the preschool situated?

The preschool of guppies is situated in the fictional underwater city named Bubbletucky.

  • Who starts the class in every single episode?

Molly, the little fish every day starts the class by stating “Hi, it’s Molly, and it’s time for Bubble Guppies”, where Gill interferes daily during the statement!

  • Who is the teacher of those Guppies?

Mr. Groper, a big round fish, is the teacher of those little cute Guppies.

  • What did Mr. Grouper instruct his student when they need to be taken outside to the classroom?

Mr. Grouper says to his students, “line up everybody, it time to go outside”, and they followed by an outside song of their class.

  • Who has a puppy pet among all the guppies and what is his name?

Gill has a puppy pet, and his name is Bubble Puppy.

  • Who is the intelligent guppy among the entire bubble guppies?

Nonny is the most intelligent Guppy boy among the entire bubble guppies.

  • How many extra characters are out there in the water, who are not students of that class?

There are three types of extra characters existed outside the class who are crabs, snails, and lobsters.


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