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  • Who are the central characters of the animated movie Brave?

Princess Merida of the land Scottish Highland in Medieval Scotland and her Mother, Queen Elinor are the two central characters of the movie ‘Brave’.

  • What special quality Merida has, according to the tale?

According to the tale, Merida, the princess of Scottish Highland has the very sharp aim, thus, she was known as the best archer of the land!

  • Name the father of Merida and what kind of a king he was?

King Fergus is the father of Merida, who is a strong warrior of the land.

  • Name the horse of Merida?

Angus is the name of the beloved horse of Merida.

  • What Merida loves the most in her life?

Merida loves to spend her day with Angus than study royal tradition or attending royal events!

  • How many siblings Merida has in this story?

Merida has triplet brothers who gradually named Harris, Hubert, and Hamish.

  • How does Merida’s mother turn into a bear?

Merida brought an enchanted cake from a witch to change her fate. But unfortunately, while she gives that cake to her mother, Queen Elinor, she transforms into a black and giant bear!

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