Lightning McQueen learns life 17 Cars coloring pages

More Details on Cars

  • Who is the star car in the movie Cars?

Racecar Lighting McQueen is the star car of the movie Cars.

  • What kind of a car Lighting was?

Lighting McQueen was a highly skilled but a bit arrogant racecar.

  • What is the name the transport truck of McQueen?

McQueen’s transport name is Mack.

  • Where and how McQueen lost his way?

While travelling down interstate 40 to California, McQueen becomes separated from Mack and lost on U.S. route 66.

  • Who has caught Lighting and for what crime?

Lighting McQueen was caught by the Radiator Spring Sheriff for damaging the main street of the city while gets tangled in wires!

  • What punishment Lighting will get for his crime?

When Lighting was taken to the traffic court of the city, he is sentenced to repave the road using asphalt lying machine.

  • Who has become the best friend of Lighting McQueen?

Town’s tow truck, Mater has become the best friend of McQueen at the end of his paving.

  • Whom will McQueen defeat in the final race?

Lighting McQueen will defeat The King and Chick Hicks in the final race.

  • Who will serve McQueen as pit crew in the final race?

Doc Hudson will serve Lighting McQueen as pit crew in the final race.


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