Adventures of a group of trainees Chuggington 17 Chuggington coloring pages

More Details on Chuggington

  • What is Chuggington all about?

Chuggington is an animated story of some trainees and their life adventures.

  • What is Chuggington?

Chuggington is the town where the anthropomorphic trainees live their lives.

  • Who are the central characters of the Chuggington?

Young and novice railways Koko, Wilson, Brewster are the central characters of the story of Chuggington.

  • How have these trainees known in the city?

These anthropomorphic railways are known as the ‘Chuggers’, who regularly interact with other humans and maintenance crews.

  • Name some other characters from this tale?

Hoot, Toot, and Piper are some of the mentionable characters of the town of Chuggington.

  • What kind of a railway Wilson is?

Wilson is a red engine based enthusiastic train, who does the utmost adventures of his life in the area of Chug Patrol.

  • What kind of railway Brewster is?

Brewster is a strong diesel-electric locomotive built train, who can carry heavy loads because of his manufacturing.

  • Describe the attribute of Koko railway?

Koko is a bullet train with an electric engine, who was built for high speed.

  • Who is the oil-fired steam locomotive?

Piper is the small oil-fired steam locomotive, who runs on vegetable oil!



Story of a chef rat Ratatouille 24 Ratatouille coloring pages

More on Ratatouille

  • What is Ratatouille?

Ratatouille is a tasty French dish which was used as the title of an animated film of Hollywood in the year 2007.

  • Who resembles the new chef in the kitchen and who was the real chef in the movie?

Alfredo Linguini, who was earlier hired as a garbage boy by the head chef Skinner, was resembled the new chef in the kitchen. While, in reality, Remy, the idealistic and ambitious rat was actually the real chef in the movie!

  • How does Remy control Linguini’s movement in the restaurant?

One day Remy surprisingly discover that he can control Linguini’s movement by pulling his hair while hidden under the toque Blanche of Linguini!

  • Who was the idol of Remy of becoming a chef?

Renowned chef Auguste Gusteau, the real owner of the restaurant and father of Linguini, was the idol of Remy to becoming a chef.


  • Remy had prepared what dish to impress the food critic Anton Ego?

Remy has prepared a variation of ratatouille to impress the food critic Ego with the help of Linguini and Colette.

  • And what review they have achieved by the critic?

Anton Ego was totally mesmerized by the food as the dish brings back some amazed Ego memories of his mother cooking!

Beautiful blossom Sunflower 17 Sunflower coloring pages

More Details on Sunflower

  • What kind of flower sunflower is?

The Sunflower is an annual plant in the clan of Asteraceae, with a large head of the flower.

  • What is the scientific or binomial name of this flower?

This beautiful blossom is named ‘Helianthus Annuus’ in binomial methods

  • What is the measurement of a sunflower?

A sunflower can grow up 3 meters tall, with a 30 cm wide flower head.

  • Where does this flower treat as a royal or state flower?

This flower regarded as the state flower of Kansas.

  • What is so different of this blossom than other vibrant flowers?

This flower head is actually an inflorescence made of hundreds or thousands of tiny florets, which is a totally different pattern from other typical flowers. Thus, it is easily noticed by birds or insects which pollinate it.

  • What is the highest benefit of these flowers?

Sunflower oil, which is extracted from the seed of this blossom, is used for preparing cooking oil. This oil is highly beneficial to our heath and surprisingly cheaper than other healthy oil, consequently, this is the highest benefits of this flower!

  • Where was the tallest sunflower had blossomed and when?

Depending on the theory of Guinness world record, somewhere in Spain in the Europe continent, the tallest sunflower had blossomed in the early period of 16th century.

Girly adventures of Bratz 20 Bratz coloring pages

More Details on Bratz

  • What is Bratz all about?

Bratz is a girly group of four teenage girls, who are just about to start their high school life.

  • Name the four Bratz girls.

Four girls, who are known as Bratz are, Cloe, Yasmine, Sasha and Jade.

  • Who always wants to destroy the friendship amidst these Bratz girls?

Meredith Baxter Dimly, the self-centered girl from the school always wants to destroy the friendship amidst the four Bratz girls.

  • Why Meredith seeks to break their friendship?

Meredith Baxter Dimly wants everyone from the class to belong to a clique, and she doesn’t like any individual or independent spirit, which kind of that Bratz girls have!

  • What attributes these four girls have for perusing their career?

Cloe is a wonderful soccer player, Sasha recruited as a cheerleader, and Jade joins the science club while Yasmine joins journalism.

  • Name the mates of these four Bratz girls?

Cameron will be the mate for Cloe; Dexter for Jade, Dylan will be a mate for Yasmine. There is no one mentioned as the mate for Sasha.

  • When will the four girls start missing each others in school?

Two years later, when an accidental food fight causes them to get detention, they will start realizing that they miss being BFF.



Story of a diligent builder Bob the Builder 20 Bob the Builder coloring pages

More Details on Bob the Builder

  • Who is Bob and what makes him as special as a builder?

Bob is a Builder on his own construction yard that based in Bobsville.

Well, Bob is not an ordinary builder as he is assisted by some anthropomorphic vehicles in his building projects along with Wendy.

  • What was his family tradition according to the tale?

According to the story, his ancestors were also famous builders, as his father Robert and Grandfather Billy both were the famous builder of the city.

  • What is the name of his pet?

His pet name is pilchard, which is an obedient cat.

  • Who is the irritating neighbor of Bob in the episodes of Bob the builder?

Weird personality Spud is the irritating neighbor of Bob, depending on the episodes of Bob the Builder.

  • Which are the common vehicles of Bob in his utmost constructions?

Muck, Travis, Scoop, and Dizzy are the frequent companions of Bob in his utmost projects.

  • Who is the building inspector in the city?

Mr. Bernard Bentley is the Building inspector in the city Bobsville.

  • Name other 2 neighbors of Bob?

Percy Pickles and J.J. are the two famous neighbors of Bob in the episodes of Bob the Builder.