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More Details on Ben 10

  • Who is the Hero of Ben 10 adventure?

Ben Tennyson, a 10 years old boy is the hero of the heroic adventures of the series Ben 10.

  • What is so special about Ben?

According to the tale, Ben eventually discovers a magical device that can turn him into 10 different alien heroes, each with its unique attributes; and that makes Ben a special kid than other typical boys.

  • What is the name of the magical device and how did Ben find it?

Ben was on a summer vacation with his grandfather Max and his cousin Gwen when he suddenly found the device, which is named Omnitrix.

  • How does Ben use this Omnitrix?

Ben starts to use that Omnitrix device to avert disasters, save people from terror, and fight off hostile villains.

  • Who are the companions of Ben in his war against evils?

Gwen and Kevin are two companions of Ben in his mission to defeat evils.

  • Who is the dangerous devil of Ben, in the whole series of Ben 10?

An Osmosian villain named Aggregor is the most dangerous devil of Ben, according to the series, who hunts new aliens from the Andromeda galaxy.

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