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  • What is so funny about Tom & Jerry?

Tom & Jerry is a comical adventure upon a very frequent topic of our daily lives, and that is the eternal combat between a cat and a mouse, which makes this tale utterly amusing and entertaining for the every age group.

  • Who is the cleverest between these due?

Jerry, the mouse, is comparative more clever and cunning than the cat depending on their hilarious activities.

  • What is the favorite food of Jerry?

Jerry has a fetish for cheese which he often steals from the fridge of Tom or his master.

  • What is so special about Tom & Jerry?

Despite the bitter combat between these due, it has been seen that there is a genuine friendship has grown up in between them, and this concern for each other’s well-being makes this couple so special in the world!

  • Who are the other main characters exist in this popular series?

Spike, the unintelligent bulldog, and his son Tyke are the other important character in this series.

  • What is the name of Tom’s friend in the tale?

Butch, the black cat who also wants to eat Jerry is the friend of Tom in the series of Tom & Jerry.

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