Story of a friendly dinosaur Barney 20 Barney coloring pages

More Details on Barney, the Friendly Dinosaur

  • What is the Barney series is all about?

Barney is an animated series of a friendly dinosaur Barney and his three dino pals Baby Bob, BJ and Riff.

  • How old is Barney and how does he looks in the series?

Barney the dinosaur is a two hundred million years old and has a height of six foot tall along with a purplish tyrannosaurus rex, which is highlighted with the green belly and spots and yellow toes.

  • What kind of personality Barney actually has?

Barney is not only a friendly mammal creature but, he also has a silly and optimistic attitude towards the life, which makes him more acceptable to the children.

  • How does Barney come to the real world from his time?

According to the series, Barney comes to the life through a child’s imagination.

  • What is the favorite food of Barney?

Well, Barney is extremely foodie, and he likes various foods to eat such as fruits, vegetables, etc. but, it is the peanut butter and jelly sandwich for which Barney has a fetish!

  • Who is the tiniest member of this dinosaur clan along the Barney troop?

Baby Bob, who is only three years old, is the tiniest dinosaur amongst them all.

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