A tale of a honey-freak bear Winnie the Pooh 20 Winnie the Pooh coloring pages

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  • Who is Pooh and what is so special about him?

Pooh or Winnie-the-Pooh is a fictional anthropomorphic overweight teddy bear, created by an author and franchised by Disney.

Despite the fact that Pooh is a bear, he is naive and slow-witted, but, at the same time, friendly, thoughtful and steadfast too, which makes him so special and characteristically individual than other bears!

  • Name the best friends of Pooh?

Pooh has three best friends, and they are successively Piglet, Tiger, and Eeyore.

  • What Pooh loves the most?

Pooh is a bear, and consequently, he is a totally a honey freak creature, hence honey is that one thing which he loves the most!

  • Where did Pooh live?

Pooh lived inside a tree in the ‘Hundred Acre Wood’.

  • What do his friends think about him?

Pooh is described by his friends as being stuffed and fluff, who has very ‘little brain’.

  • What is very irritating about Pooh?

Even though Pooh has portrayed as a very childlike and likeable bear, yet, he is also shown be very forgetful and slow on the uptakes, which sometimes, really irritate his friends or near and dear ones!


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