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More Details on Toy Story

  • Who are the central characters of Toy Story?

A pull-string cowboy doll Woody and a space ranger toy Buzz Lightyear are the central characters of the story.

  • Name the other toy characters in this story?

There are several toys are there the tale of Toy Story in which, Mr. & Mrs. Potato Heads, Rex, Sarge, Bullseye, Ham the pig, Jessie are a few mentionable ones.

  • Who owned these toys according to the story?

According to the tale, a six-year-old boy named Andy Davis has owned these entire toys.

  • Who was the favorite of Andy among his entire collection?

The cowboy doll Woody was the most favorite toy of Andy until he has received the space ranger toy Buzz Lightyear.

  • Who will kidnap the two main toys of the house and why?

Andy’s toy killing neighbor Sid Phillips will kidnap Woody and Buzz the two main toys of Andy House to killing destructing purpose.

  • How they both escaped from that evil boy and his vicious dog?

After realizing that Woody and Buzz have to work together to get an escape from Sid and getting help from RC, the remote control car, and Sid’s rocket, they both eventually return to their owner Andy!

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