Fantasy world of Disney Fairies 20 Disney Fairies coloring pages

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  • What are Disney fairies?

Disney Fairies is a Disney franchise which basically one kind of a tiny creature that can fly and do magical tricks. These mesmerizing characters were issued by a UK based animated site Disney.

  • When do these Disney fairies created and by whom?

In the year 2005, these fantasies personalities were published for the very first time by the fictional characters creator J. M. Barrie.

  • These beautiful creatures were inspired by which character?

According to the news, the main fairy Tinker Bell was inspired by the 1953 animated film Peter Pan, while the rest fairies like Silvermist, Iridessa, Rosetta, Zarina, etc. were introduced by the creator from his imagination!

  • Where do they live in this world?

Depending on the information given by the creator, these fairies lived in a place named ‘Neverland’.

To specify the place thoroughly, these fairies are live in the home tree, which is a massive tree placed in the heart of Pixie Hollow in the Neverland.

  • These magical creatures came from which novel?

Well, according to the narration, the idea of such fairy initially came from the novel ‘The Little White Bird’ which was also a creation of Mr. Barrie.


Extinct wildest mammal Dinosaur 20 Dinosaur coloring pages

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  • What is the exact existing century of the biggest animal dinosaur?

These giant creatures first appeared during the Triassic period, which is probably 231.4 million years ago.

  • They had survived for how long period?

Though, these huge animals have totally extinct now from this world, but, you will be wondered to know that dinosaurs had actually survived for a very long period indeed and, that is from approximately 230 million years ago to 66 million years ago. According to the history, it was the late 20th century since when these giant creatures literally extinct from this universe!

  • What was the exact size of a dinosaur?

Depending on the evidence, average sizes of dinosaurs were varied on its category. Mostly their sizes were found in between 220 to 2220 lb, which had a weight of approximately 100 to 1000 kg!

  • What is the primary species of this animal?

Dinosaur is fundamentally a varied group of animals, which incorporates numerous species in its torso, and depending on the age of their skeleton, fossils were recognized the primary category of them.

  • How many genera are subsisting there in the categories of the dinosaur?

According to the latest studies, almost 500 and more non-avian dinosaur genera have been identified so far?


Scientific adventures of Diego 20 Diego coloring pages

Moe Details on Diego

  • Who is Diego and what is his mission?

Diego is an eight-year-old boy, whose full name is Diego Marquez, and helping animals in danger or releasing them from rainforest is the mission of Diego.

  • Who is Diego’s cousin?

The famous Dora from ‘Dora the Explorer’ is a cousin of Diego, which will reveal slowly in multiple episodes of ‘Go Diego Go’.

  • What kind of pet Diego has and what is the name of that pet?

Diego has a jaguar companion as his pet, and the name of his companion is the Baby Jaguar.

  • Who assists Diego in his utmost adventures?

Baby Jaguar assists Diego in his utmost adventures.

  • Diego has how many Siblings as per the series?

Diego has two elder sisters named Daisy and Alicia as per the series of ‘Go Diego Go’.

  • Who accompanied Diego in his adventures among those sisters?

Alicia, who is 11 years old and a computer whiz, accompanied Diego in his several rescue adventures.

  • From which centre Diego hears animals’ moan?

In most episodes, Diego hears animals’ moan of pleasure at his rainforest Animal Rescue Centre.

  • How Diego’s parents are described in the episodes of Go Diego Go?

In the episodes of Go Diego Go, Diego’s parents are described as the animal scientist.


Ruminant mammal Deer 20 Deer coloring pages

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  • What origin this ruminant animal deer actually belongs to?

This ruminant mammal animal deer actually belong the family Cervidae which divides into two major groups!

  • Where do these mammal animals like to live?

There are several categories are existing in the two specified groups of deer, and the utmost species of those groups generally like to stay in the biomes, even though, some of them love to live in the tropical rainforest, while a few like to spend their whole life in the savanna!

  • What kind of foodstuff the usually take and how does their digestion process work?

All species of deer community are completely vegetarian, and they only eat some young leave, fresh grasses, soft twigs, fruit, fungi, and lichens. Although these are mostly preferred by the mature deer, while fawns only like drink milk from their mother for the entire first year.

The digestion system of this sort of creature works a bit effortless process, thus, despite the high nutrition demands of their body, deer are able to eat only easy digestible foodstuff. These aforementioned low-fibered foods pass hastily through their alimentary canal, and this process generally starts after the minimal fermentation shredding procedure of their body.

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