Whisk Up Some Color: 27 Ratatouille Coloring Pages (PDF)

Ratatouille Coloring Pages: Where artistry meets gastronomy, and creativity is the secret ingredient to every masterpiece. Join Remy, the talented young rat with a passion for cooking, on his culinary adventures in the heart of Paris.

Ratatouille Feeling the Flavour
Ratatouille Feeling the Flavor

In this delightful collection, you’ll not only add vibrant colors to your favorite characters but also experience the magic of fine dining and the art of French cuisine.

As you wield your coloring tools, you’ll step into Remy’s tiny world, where his love for flavors and his remarkable culinary talent inspire dreams beyond his size.

Ratatouille Chef Remy
Ratatouille Chef Remy
Linguini Eating with Remy Ratatouille
Linguini Eating with Remy Ratatouille

Imagine the bustling streets of Paris, the aroma of freshly baked baguettes, and the exquisite taste of Ratatouille—all brought to life by your artistic flair.

Each coloring page is a canvas waiting for your touch, a palette for your imagination, and an opportunity to savor the beauty of the culinary arts.

You’ll infuse life into Remy’s adventures, capture the essence of his friendships with Linguini and Colette, and celebrate the art of following one’s passion.

Let your colors sizzle, your creativity simmer, and your imagination blend flavors that are uniquely yours. Welcome to “Ratatouille Coloring Pages,” where the joy of coloring meets the magic of cooking, and every page is a feast for your creativity. Bon appétit!

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Ratatouille Cooking with Linguini and Colette
Ratatouille Cooking with Linguini and Colette

Printable Ratatouille coloring pages

Ratatouille Remy and Git
Ratatouille Remy and Git

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Characters and Coloring Pages

  1. Remy: A talented and ambitious young rat with a passion for cooking. (Coloring: Remy is a grayish-brown rat. Use shades of brown and gray to color his fur, and don’t forget to add a touch of pink to his ears and nose.)
  2. Linguini: A young and clumsy kitchen worker who befriends Remy. (Coloring: Linguini often wears a white chef’s jacket. Color his hair brown and his eyes a warm hazel color.)
  3. Colette: A skilled chef and Linguini’s love interest. (Coloring: Colette has auburn hair and often wears a chef’s uniform. Use various shades of brown and orange for her hair and uniform.)
  4. Anton Ego: A food critic known for his harsh reviews. (Coloring: Anton Ego has distinctive white hair and wears a dark suit. Add gray and white shades to his hair.)
  5. Skinner: The head chef and the film’s antagonist. (Coloring: Skinner has a bald head and often wears a chef’s uniform. His uniform can be colored in traditional chef whites.)
  6. Gusteau: A famous chef and Remy’s culinary idol. (Coloring: Gusteau is often seen in chef attire. Color his chef’s hat and jacket with a light blue or white hue.)
  7. Django: Remy’s father, who initially disapproves of his son’s culinary aspirations. (Coloring: Django is a brown rat like Remy, so you can use similar coloring for his fur.)
  8. Emile: Remy’s loyal and food-loving brother. (Coloring: Emile is also a brown rat. Use similar coloring as Remy but with slight variations.)
  9. Colette’s Knife: The knife that Colette wields skillfully in the kitchen. (Coloring: You can use metallic shades like silver and gray to color the knife.)
  10. Gusteau’s Cookbook: A cookbook written by Gusteau that serves as a source of inspiration for Remy. (Coloring: Add various colors to the cookbook cover to make it look appealing.)

Ratatouille For Kids

Its is not just a delightful story about a cooking rat; it’s a tale of perseverance, friendship, and the pursuit of dreams that offers valuable life lessons for kids of all ages.

  1. Following Your Passion: Remy’s unwavering passion for cooking and his determination to pursue his dreams inspire kids to follow their own interests and never give up on their aspirations. Remy’s self-belief and determination remind kids that they can achieve great things when they believe in themselves.
  2. Friendship and Collaboration: The film showcases the importance of teamwork and friendship, as Remy and Linguini work together to achieve their goals. Kids learn the value of supporting one another.
  3. Cultural Awareness: “Ratatouille” is set in Paris and introduces kids to French culture, cuisine, and the beauty of the City of Lights. It broadens their horizons and encourages an appreciation for different cultures.
  4. Creativity and Innovation: Remy’s inventive culinary skills highlight the importance of creativity and thinking outside the box. Kids can learn to embrace their creative side and explore new ideas.
  5. Resilience: The characters face challenges and setbacks, but they persevere. This teaches kids the importance of resilience and bouncing back from failures.
  6. Empathy: Kids can empathize with Remy, who faces prejudice and misunderstanding because he’s a rat with a love for cooking. It encourages empathy and understanding of others who may be different.
  7. The Art of Cooking: The movie introduces kids to the world of cooking and gastronomy. It can ignite an interest in culinary arts and trying new foods.
  8. Responsibility: Linguini learns about taking responsibility for his actions and decisions, a valuable lesson for kids as they grow.
  9. Family Values: The film emphasizes the importance of family and the bonds between siblings, like Remy and Emile.
  10. Appreciating the Small Things: Remy’s love for food teaches kids to savor and appreciate the simple pleasures in life.

FAQ on Ratatouille

  • What is Ratatouille?

Ratatouille is a tasty French dish which was used as the title of an animated film of Hollywood in the year 2007.

  • Who resembles the new chef in the kitchen and who was the real chef in the movie?

Alfredo Linguini, who was earlier hired as a garbage boy by the head chef Skinner, was resembled the new chef in the kitchen. While, in reality, Remy, the idealistic and ambitious rat was actually the real chef in the movie!

  • How does Remy control Linguini’s movement in the restaurant?

One day Remy surprisingly discover that he can control Linguini’s movement by pulling his hair while hidden under the toque Blanche of Linguini!

  • Who was the idol of Remy of becoming a chef?

Renowned chef Auguste Gusteau, the real owner of the restaurant and father of Linguini, was the idol of Remy to becoming a chef.

  • Remy had prepared what dish to impress the food critic Anton Ego?

Remy has prepared a variation of ratatouille to impress the food critic Ego with the help of Linguini and Colette.

  • And what review they have achieved by the critic?

Anton Ego was totally mesmerized by the food as the dish brings back some amazed Ego memories of his mother cooking!

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