Story of a chef rat Ratatouille 24 Ratatouille coloring pages

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  • What is Ratatouille?

Ratatouille is a tasty French dish which was used as the title of an animated film of Hollywood in the year 2007.

  • Who resembles the new chef in the kitchen and who was the real chef in the movie?

Alfredo Linguini, who was earlier hired as a garbage boy by the head chef Skinner, was resembled the new chef in the kitchen. While, in reality, Remy, the idealistic and ambitious rat was actually the real chef in the movie!

  • How does Remy control Linguini’s movement in the restaurant?

One day Remy surprisingly discover that he can control Linguini’s movement by pulling his hair while hidden under the toque Blanche of Linguini!

  • Who was the idol of Remy of becoming a chef?

Renowned chef Auguste Gusteau, the real owner of the restaurant and father of Linguini, was the idol of Remy to becoming a chef.


  • Remy had prepared what dish to impress the food critic Anton Ego?

Remy has prepared a variation of ratatouille to impress the food critic Ego with the help of Linguini and Colette.

  • And what review they have achieved by the critic?

Anton Ego was totally mesmerized by the food as the dish brings back some amazed Ego memories of his mother cooking!

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