Girly adventures of Bratz 20 Bratz coloring pages

More Details on Bratz

  • What is Bratz all about?

Bratz is a girly group of four teenage girls, who are just about to start their high school life.

  • Name the four Bratz girls.

Four girls, who are known as Bratz are, Cloe, Yasmine, Sasha and Jade.

  • Who always wants to destroy the friendship amidst these Bratz girls?

Meredith Baxter Dimly, the self-centered girl from the school always wants to destroy the friendship amidst the four Bratz girls.

  • Why Meredith seeks to break their friendship?

Meredith Baxter Dimly wants everyone from the class to belong to a clique, and she doesn’t like any individual or independent spirit, which kind of that Bratz girls have!

  • What attributes these four girls have for perusing their career?

Cloe is a wonderful soccer player, Sasha recruited as a cheerleader, and Jade joins the science club while Yasmine joins journalism.

  • Name the mates of these four Bratz girls?

Cameron will be the mate for Cloe; Dexter for Jade, Dylan will be a mate for Yasmine. There is no one mentioned as the mate for Sasha.

  • When will the four girls start missing each others in school?

Two years later, when an accidental food fight causes them to get detention, they will start realizing that they miss being BFF.



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