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  • Who are central characters of Ice Age adventures?

Ice age adventure always comes up with the journey of three main characters, Manny the mammoth, Sid, a clumsy ground sloth and Diego the lion.

  • How Manny did meet his friends?

In the first part of their story, Manny and Sid have become friends while saving a human baby, and returning his to his tribe. Eventually, at the end of this task, they develop into pals with Diego too.

  • Who is the funniest character of the Ice Age team?

A saber-tooth squirrel Scrat is the funniest character in this movie; who always does amusing activities to collect and store his acorns.

  • What lures Scrat the most in the movie?

One and only acorns lure Scrat most during the whole adventure of the ice age, and sometimes, it seems that he has a fetish for this fruit more than his own life!

  • Who is the love interest of Manny?

Ellie, a lady mammoth was the wife and love interest of Manny in the Movie, who always accompanied by two witty possums’ brats named Crash and Eddie.

  • Who was the love interest of Scrat?

A saber-tooth squirreless, named Scratte was the love interest of Scrat.

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