Adventures of a demigod Hercules 20 Hercules coloring pages

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  • Who was Hercules and why he was so popular?

Hercules was the very first hero of this world, who was basically a Greek divine hero or rather say, a demigod of this galaxy.

Hercules was immensely popular for his unbelievable strength and numerous far-ranging adventures.

  • What was the name of his magical horse?

Pegasus was the name of his horse who was probably the one and only living horse with wings in this universe, according to the Roman myth.

  • Why was he migrated from the heaven?

Hercules, who is originally the son of Zeus and Hera, was cunningly kidnapped by his jealous uncle Hades in his childhood. After that, while two minions sent by Hades, feeding Hercules a formula that turns him mortal, Hercules was sorrowfully migrated by the God from heaven.

  • Who was the teacher of Hercules?

Satyr Philoctetes was the teacher of Hercules, who has trained him to become a true hero.

  • Who was Enemy of Hercules?

Hades, the god of hell was the chief enemy of Hercules.

  • Who was the lady love this mortal hero?

Megara was the love interest of Hercules in the movie, who was also a minion of Hades.

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