Its a Magical Love 20 Tangled coloring Pages

More Details on Tangled

  • Who is Rapunzel?

Rapunzel is the centre character of the story Tangled who has owned the longest hair in this galaxy!

  • How did she spend her life?

She spends her entire early life in a tower that is located into the woods with her foster mother and her only chameleon friend Pascal.

  • What was her only dream?

Her one and only dream were to see the light lanterns from very near, which were merely appeared on her every birthday night!

  • What did she do to fulfill her dream?

She incidentally met a thief named Eugine, and cunningly set a deal of going out to see the lantern in exchange of a tiara that was stolen by Eugine and found by her!

  • What is a special quality she has?

Rapunzel not only owned the longest hair in the universe but, she also has some magical power in her hair which has an ability to heal the wounds!

  • Who was the real parent of Rapunzel?

Though, Rapunzel was brought up by a witch telling that she is her mother, but, the truth is that Rapunzel is a princess who was stolen by that bitch in her childhood due to the magical power of her hair.



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