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More Details on Donald Duck

  • Who is Donald duck?

Donald Duck is an anthropomorphic white duck that franchised by Walt Disney.

  • What makes Donald so popular among all the Disney characters?

Donald Duck, one of the most popular characters of Disney is much esteemed by the entire world, because of his semi-intelligible speech, mischievous and temperamental personality, which make him an individual and hilarious persona from other typical ducks.

  • What is the most applauding quality Donald has?

Donald Duck has an uncontrollable aggressive nature, which driven by his wild anger, and this anger actually helps him to fight back with whatever dispute comes to his way! Consequently, when he faces a threat in his life, instead of being scared, Donald fights against that fear, as his fear replaced by his anger. Hence, instead of running away Donald always faces the trouble and tries to get over it, and this is the most applauding quality of our beloved Donald Duck.

  • Name the best friend of Donald Duck

Donald has two best friends, and they are Mickey Mouse and Goofy.

  • What is the profession of Donald Duck?

Donald Duck has been seen often with a sailor shirt and cap all the time, thus, it is quite obvious that he is a sailor by profession!

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