Black beauty 18 Elephant coloring pages

FAQ Asked by kids on Elephants

  • What can be the maximum weight of an Elephant?

Elephants can reach upto 6500kg.

  • What do the elephants do with their tusk ?

They shake trees , digging something and to lift huge objects.

  • How to these huge elephants maintain their body temperature ?

Elephants use their large ears to circulate blood and coll it down.

  • Do elephants uses their trunk for anything else than Breathing ?

Yes they use their trunk to drink water and to pick objects also to take care of their young ones.

  • Do elephants eat other animals like lion and tiger ?

No Elephants are completely herbivorous and they just depend upon Vegen food ;).

  • Why Elephants have Huge ears ?

As I already told you Elephant’s ears help the buddy to stay cool.

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