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  • What are Disney fairies?

Disney Fairies is a Disney franchise which basically one kind of a tiny creature that can fly and do magical tricks. These mesmerizing characters were issued by a UK based animated site Disney.

  • When do these Disney fairies created and by whom?

In the year 2005, these fantasies personalities were published for the very first time by the fictional characters creator J. M. Barrie.

  • These beautiful creatures were inspired by which character?

According to the news, the main fairy Tinker Bell was inspired by the 1953 animated film Peter Pan, while the rest fairies like Silvermist, Iridessa, Rosetta, Zarina, etc. were introduced by the creator from his imagination!

  • Where do they live in this world?

Depending on the information given by the creator, these fairies lived in a place named ‘Neverland’.

To specify the place thoroughly, these fairies are live in the home tree, which is a massive tree placed in the heart of Pixie Hollow in the Neverland.

  • These magical creatures came from which novel?

Well, according to the narration, the idea of such fairy initially came from the novel ‘The Little White Bird’ which was also a creation of Mr. Barrie.


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