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Moe Details on Diego

  • Who is Diego and what is his mission?

Diego is an eight-year-old boy, whose full name is Diego Marquez, and helping animals in danger or releasing them from rainforest is the mission of Diego.

  • Who is Diego’s cousin?

The famous Dora from ‘Dora the Explorer’ is a cousin of Diego, which will reveal slowly in multiple episodes of ‘Go Diego Go’.

  • What kind of pet Diego has and what is the name of that pet?

Diego has a jaguar companion as his pet, and the name of his companion is the Baby Jaguar.

  • Who assists Diego in his utmost adventures?

Baby Jaguar assists Diego in his utmost adventures.

  • Diego has how many Siblings as per the series?

Diego has two elder sisters named Daisy and Alicia as per the series of ‘Go Diego Go’.

  • Who accompanied Diego in his adventures among those sisters?

Alicia, who is 11 years old and a computer whiz, accompanied Diego in his several rescue adventures.

  • From which centre Diego hears animals’ moan?

In most episodes, Diego hears animals’ moan of pleasure at his rainforest Animal Rescue Centre.

  • How Diego’s parents are described in the episodes of Go Diego Go?

In the episodes of Go Diego Go, Diego’s parents are described as the animal scientist.


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