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  • Who are the central characters of the story ‘The Nut Job’?

The Nut Job’ is a story of one purple squirrel Surely, and his mute rat friend Buddy along with their winter journey, hence Surely and Buddy are the central characters of this story.

  • Where did they live, according to the tale?

According to the tale, they lived in Liberty Park.

  • Why have people banished them from their residential place?

People have banished them because of their thieving nature!

  • Who have led the group of Urban animals?

The urban animals were led by Raccoon and his assistant Cardinal.

  • Name some other squirrel of the city Liberty Park?

Red squirrel Andie and gray squirrel Grayson are two popular squirrels of the city, who were also considered as the self-styled park hero of the story.

  • Who are the criminal clan in the story of ‘The Nut Job’?

There was a whole clan of criminals who do unethical activities for their own gain, and they are Lucky, his pug Precious, Fingers, their boss Percy King Dimpleweed and Knuckles.

  • Where did the criminal clan use to hide?

The Maury’s Nut Shop was that place, where the criminal clan used to hide.



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