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  • Who is the Mermaid in the story?

Ariel is the Little Mermaid in the mermaid fairytale.

  • Name the best friends of Ariel in the series?

The rounded fish Flounder and musing crab Sebastian are the best friends of Ariel, who accompany her in her utmost adventures.

  • Who is the king of Atlantis?

King Triton is the emperor of the ocean Atlantis, who is also the father of Ariel.

  • How many sisters Ariel has in the myth?

Princess Ariel has 6 sisters, and she was the seventh and tiniest daughter of the king, as per the series.

  • Who did the king appoint to keep an eye on her youngest daughter Ariel?

The King Triton sends Sebastian to validate the activities of Ariel.

  • What does Triton suggest to her youngest daughter all the time?

King Triton always suggests Ariel, to stay away from the humans and their destructive objects.

  • Who was the love interest of Princess Ariel in the series of ‘The Little Mermaid’?

Eric was the love interest of princess Ariel in the series of ‘The Little Mermaid’.

  • Despite the fact of Arial is a mermaid and Eric is a human, how did they manage to live together?

King Triton uses his power to transform his youngest daughter Ariel as a human and let her go to marry and live life with her human love Eric, thus, the due lived happily ever after.


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