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More Details on Apple

  • What type of fruit apple is?

Apple is a pomaceous fruit, which basically belongs to the Rosaceae family.

  • What is the Binominal name of Apple?

Apple’s binomial name is Malus Domestica.

  • What is the significance of this fruit apart from its healthiness?

According to the myths, apples have religious and mythological importance among European Christian communities along with several cultures like Greek, Norse, etc.

  • What is the nutrition value of apples?

Apples are the natural source of vitamins, dietary fiber, minerals, and carbohydrates, fluoride along with water, which increases our immune power and caters strength into our system.

  • Which country produces the utmost apples in the recent time?

Depending on the survey, China is that country which manages to produces the ½ portion apples of the whole worldwide collection!

  • What does the most beneficial advantage apple give to the humans

According to the research, apple has phytochemicals in its pulp which affects the risk of some types of cancer, consequently, this is considered as the best beneficial advantage of an apple.

  • Where does the apple tree originate?

The apple tree originates in central Asia.

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