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  • Who was the princess in the story?

Tiana, the young aspiring chef was indicated as the princess in the story ‘Princess and the Frog’.

  • What was the dream of Tiana?

Tiana’s dream was to start her own restaurant on her own money, which was she shared with her late father James.

  • How come a prince becomes a frog in the movie?

Prince Naveen, who is the duke of Maldonia, has invited by a voodoo witch Dr. Facilier to his emporium and deceitfully cursed by a voodoo charm which makes Naveen a frog and his servant Lawrence the prince to marry the fortunate Charlotte.

  • How Tiana becomes a frog?

When Naveen meets Tiana at the party of Charlotte, he mistakes her as a princess because, of her dress and asks her to kiss him, as only a kiss of the princess could break the spell of Facilier. But, while Tiana kisses him, instead of Naveen turning back into a human, Tiana is turned into a frog!

  • Who guides Naveen and Tiana to transfer humans again?

Mama Odie has instructed Naveen and Tiana about how to break the spell and transfer into a human again.


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