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  • Who is the lead character of the adventure of Jungle Book?

Mowgli is the lead character of the adventures of Jungle Book.

  • Who were real friends of Mowgli from the woods?

Baloo the bear, Bagheera the Black Panther and King Louie the orangutan were the real friends of Mowgli who not only play with him but also raised him as their own child!

  • Who was the human friend of Mowgli from the village?

Shanti was the one and only human friend of Mowgli, who lived in the village.

  • Who was the villain of the story of Jungle Book?

A man-eating Bengal tiger Shere Khan was the villain of the story, who always plans to kill and eat Mowgli into the woods.

  • Why was Mowgli raised by some wild animal despite his own parent?

As the story narrates, it has been known that Mowgli’s parent died in the woods, and leave their little boy Mowgli into the deep woods in a basket. While Mowgli was found by Bagheera, he was hungry and sleepy, thus, immediately taken by him to a mother wolf and gradually raised him as their own child with the help of a fun-loving bear Baloo.

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