Sparkling Astro boy defending the world 19 Astro boy coloring pages for kids

Ostentatious array of Rocking Angry Birds 20 Angry Birds coloring pages for kids

More Details on Angry Birds

  • Who is the main character in the Movie Angry Birds?

Red, a grumpy clown bird is the chief character of the movie ‘Angry Birds’.

  • What was the trouble Red facing at the beginning of the story?

Red was totally furious and can’t get past the daily annoyances of life!

  • What does he go to solve this trouble?

Red was sentenced to the anger management class; where he started to solve this trouble gradually.

  • Who are the friends of Red from the anger management class?

According to the tale, two classmates named Chuck and Bomb are the trustworthy friends of Red.

  • Who is the protector of the Island where Red used to live?

Mighty Eagle, a giant eagle said to be the protector of the island where Red and his friends used to live.

  • Why was Red looking for the Mighty Eagle?

Eventually, the pigs have started to adjust to the society of angry birds, over whom Red becomes suspicious about their motives. Thus, he was looking for the Mighty Eagle, who is the only one bird from that island who can actually fly!

  • Who is the chief of the enemy pig team?

The leader pig, named Leonard is the chief of the enemy pig team.

Fascinating yet mysterious adventure of Alice 20 Alice in Wonderland coloring pages

More Details on Alice and the Wonderland

  • Who was Alice and how did she reach in the wonderland?

Alice Liddell is the central character of the tale, who is a little and curious girl. Alice falls through a rabbit hole and has reached a fantasy world which is known as the Wonderland.

  • Why was the place known as wonderland?

The land was completely populated with the peculiar and anthropomorphic creatures, thus, it was named wonderland.

  • Name some other chief characters of this story?

Mad hatter, The White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, Queen of Hearts are some chief characters from the story, apart from the Alice.

  • Who was the very first creature Alice met after entering the door of Wonderland?

The Dodo, followed by Tweedledee and Tweedledum, twins brothers were the first personalities with whom Alice met after she entranced to the door of Wonderland.

  • Who helps Alice to return to her actual size and how?

Caterpillar helps Alice by suggesting her to eat a piece of mushroom so that she can return to her actual size.

  • Who were hosting the mad tea party and who invite Alice in this party?

The mad tea party was hosted by Mad Hatter, March Hare, and Dormouse, in which Cheshire Cat invite Alice to join.

Magical world of Arabian Aladdin 18 Aladdin coloring pages

More Details on Aladdin and His Companions

  • Who were the companions of Arabian hero Aladdin?

Aladdin, the renowned Disney Prince or the Arabian hero has 5 companions in his utmost adventures. They are, his lady love Jasmine, Abu the monkey, Iago the talking parrot and one Genie along with a magic carpet.

  • How did the met Aladdin?

Aladdin and his friends or companions met each other in a different circumstance. Aladdin and Abu were friends since the very beginning and after that, they had become friend with Genie and carpet. In a lovely coincident, he had met with princess Jasmine while, at the end of the first series, he has grown to be a friend with one of his enemy’s pet Iago!

  • What was Aladdin’s main power?

Aladdin’s main power his ready wit and despite being an owner of a magic carpet and Genie, he usually uses this power for the utmost time and manages to defeat every single villain that occurs in front of him.

  • Who was the greatest threat of Agrabah and Aladdin?

Amidst the several of villains, Jafar was probably the greatest threat of Agrabah, who used to be a royal vizier of the Sultan of Agrabah and originally was a wicked sorcerer.


Amusing life of Goofy & his friends 17 Goofy coloring pages

More Details on Goofy

  • Who is Goofy and what kind of personality he has?

Goofy is an animated character of Walt Disney, who is basically a tall and anthropomorphic dog, and do hilarious things in his daily life.

Goofy is considered as one of the amusing characters of Disney, who has a funny personality along with clumsiness and incompetence ability. The most applauding part of this dog is that despite the fact of his lack of intelligence, Goofy consistently tries to apply his peculiar intelligence in his life ventures!

  • Who are the best friends of Goofy?

Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck ho are other renowned animated characters of Walt Disney, are the best friends of this amusing dog Goofy.

  • How is Goofy as a father?

Well, Goofy is definitely a good father indeed, who always seems in a serious tone when his son Max is on the scene, and who wants to teach his son life lessons properly. Though, Max often feels embarrassed by his father’s stupidity and finds him the highly animated person of his life!

  • How do you define Goofy as a player?

He may not fit best as an intellectual person, but Goofy is undoubtedly regarded as a superb sports player who has adequate ability to follow tactics.